Nancy Drew - Danger on Deception Island

Nancy Drew - Danger on Deception Island

Be a detective and solve each case of this game and challenge

Nancy Drew will help you to be a junior or a senior detective in this game. Junior detective will receive some help from Nancy to solve cases and senior detective will look at Nancy´s journal, notes and lap top by his own to solve the cases. The main objective and goal of this game is to help Nancy´s friends to find the clues needed in each case to solve them. You must find phone numbers and dial them to ask some questions and get important information. You must solve different puzzles to fix some things and put them in order and you must find notes and information in the scenes of each case. This interesting game will entertain you and make you a great detective, it will challenge your mind ability and senses. The game allows you to play a new game, to set up music, volume and full screen, you can check help, see credits, check Nancy´s story and exit the game. In order to play and move all you need is your mouse, move your mouse button over your objective and press left mouse button to select or move things.

Birgilio Rivera
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